About Page

Who are we?

Illini Blockchain is a curiosity-driven club whose mission is to learn about and get involved in the blockchain ecosystem through collective discussion, community engagement, blockchain research, and on-chain projects.

Our goal is to build the University of Illinois into a blockchain research, development, and collaboration hub for future crypto leaders. We pioneered the web2 wave, now we plan to pioneer the next web3 one (while having a lot of fun).

Why did we create Illini Blockchain Updates?

Illini Blockchain Updates is a way for us to connect with our general community and partners to show you what cool stuff we have been up to. If any of our projects sound interesting or you’d just like to get involved shoot us a dm on twitter @ILL_Blockchain or email us at illiniblockchain@gmail.com.

So what’s in it?

Every Monday - you’ll get a 5-7 minute debrief on what we have been up to for the past 2 weeks delivered right to your inbox.

The Illini Blockchain Updates has:

  1. Updates from the previous week

  2. Something we learned (professional, educational, or simply something interesting)

  3. Struggles that we’ve experienced

  4. Plans for the next coming weeks

  5. …and other cool things we do along the way

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Building the blockchain ecosystem at the University of Illinois through research, education, and projects.